The Sky is the Limit

The Sky is the Limit



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All our giveaways include 50 books or less per genre. We will review 2 books from this funnel each month, one from each group.  You may submit the same title once every three months. You can earn up to $5.00 per month from referrals.  *$1.00 per referral*. Each referral must state the referrers name when submitting their book for our giveaway.

One joint Rafflecopter will run each month.

Fade to black sex scenes only.
Book covers  must have social media friendly pictures

Series are okay
Magic, ghost, zombies, walking dead, monsters, paranormal, erotica, pedophilia, hypnotic/hypnotist, and shapeshifters are not allowed.

We host giveaways within these GENRES
These are the ONLY genre's we will accept, no exceptions, full books, your book must be published.

Action/Adventure (Bond’ed – Possible Missions)
Christian (My Brothers Keeper)
Non-Fiction (Fact Attack)
Romance (Fade to Black Romance)
Mystery/Suspense (Not Guilty?!)
Romance (The Steam is Escaping)
Science Fiction (R2-D3 Come2Me)

We host giveaways on the following platforms
PermaFree, InstaFreebie, Kobo Free or Smashwords Free
These are the ONLY genre's we will accept, no exceptions, full books with blurbs for books must be published.

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